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    Electrix provides professional electrical contracting services across the Greater Toronto Area. Our teams of electricians are certified experts with years of experience in the commercial, residential, snow melting systems, and parking garage restoration fields.

    Electrix Group is widely known for performing fast and reliable new Ramp Heating Installations and Ramp Heating Repairs in Toronto, Mississauga, and surrounding areas.

    In addition to providing a wide variety of building electrical services, we also offer temporary traffic light systems for use during parking garage restoration, and floor epoxy projects. Our expertise and commitment to quality ensures that our clients receive the most durable and effective solution on each project.
    We look forward to working with you!

    Electrical Service

    Ramp Heating Systems

    Temporary Traffic Lights

    Parking Garage Repair

    • Lighting/ Wiring Upgrades
    • Heating Cable Repair
    • Commercial and Residential Service
    Electrical contractor working on lighting

    Electrical Service

    Commercial and Residential

    Electrical ramp heating as a snow melting system

    Ramp Heating

    Design, Installation, and Repairs

    Temporary traffic light rentals in Toronto

    Traffic Lights

    Temporary Systems for Construction Sites

    Our Services

    We Are A Full Service Electrical

    • Parking Garage Services
    • Electrical Services
    • Heating Cable Service

    Parking Garage Services

    We provide electrical services to the parking garage restoration industry. Our experienced team works with many concrete restoration contractors and engineers, providing efficient service to keep projects on schedule.


    Garage Lighting, Landscape and Pole Lights

    Pipe Tracing

    Fire hose cabinets, drip drums, drains.

    In Slab Conduit Repairs

    Repairs to in slab electrical conduits damaged during delaminated concrete chipping

    Ramp and Stair Heating Cables

    Ramp Heating cables, Stair heating cables. Installation and repairs.

    Electrical Services

    Electrix is a full service electrical contractor with years of experience in the commercial, residential, and restoration fields. We provide a wide variety of services spanning across new construction, renovation, and ongoing maintenance.

    Connect with us and know you're on your way to an electrical solution.


    Interior and exterior lighting repairs and installations. LED upgrades, dimming, and smart control systems.

    Power upgrades

    Building electrical service upgrades. 200A Service upgrades for electrical vehicle chargers ampacity.

    EV charger Infrastructure

    Residential and Parking Garage EV charger installations.

    Electrical Panels

    Electrical Panel upgrades. Temporary power for construction sites

    Repairs and Maintenance

    Loss of power, blown fuses, tripped breakers, tripped GFI, infrared inspections, contactors, ballasts, and sensor replacements

    Data and Structured Cabling

    Cat 6 cabling installation and troubleshooting for building networks. POE camera systems and door operators.

    Heating Cable Service
    Most Trusted

    Parking Garage Services

    For over 20 years, our team has been designing and installing the highest quality snow melting systems across Southern Ontario. Our heating cable systems have been installed in parking garage ramps, stairwells, and walkways.

    Through our unwavering commitment to quality, we only use the most durable, cost-effective products to ensure your system stands up to the harsh demands of our climate.

    When an issue arises with a heating cable, we can isolate the problem and often can perform a localized repair which is much more cost effective than replacing an entire system. Our highly specialized equipment and methods combined with our experience allows us to quickly get your system back up and running.

    In addition to heating cables, we also install and replace snow sensors and controllers.

    • System Design
    • New Installations
    • System Diagnostic Testing
    • Heating Cable Repair
    • Fault Locating
    • Heating Cable Locates
    • Consulting
    • Snow Sensing Systems
    • Snow Sensor Replacement
    • Ground Fault Protection
    • Contactor Replacements
    • Gland Retermination
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    Your project and your time is important to us and we take every job seriously. Our team is hard working and is focused on getting your job done right and up to code.

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    Installing a snow melting system
    Snow Melting Solutions

    The Snow Melting System

    That Meets Your Needs

    For over 20 years, we’ve been Toronto’s go-to source for effective and safe snow melting systems. The Electrix team has the knowledge and experience to design, install, and repair your electric ramp heating system and snow melting system.

    • Snow sensing systems and sensor replacement
    • System diagnostic testing
    • Ground fault protection
    • Heating cable repairs
    • System designs and new installations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What areas do you service?

      For electrical service, our team works across the Greater Toronto Area but for heating cable installations and repairs, we work across Southern Ontario.

    • Are you licensed and insured?

      Yes, Electrix Group meets all licensing and insurance requirements of the Electrical Safety Authority and other governing bodies.

    • Can you repair heating cables in the winter?

      Yes, heating cables can be repaired in the winter however, if the temperature is too low, concrete patches will be delayed until a warmer day.

    • Do you do small residential work?

      Sometimes. We take on small residential jobs depending on how busy our crews are. Please call us to find out availability.

    • Who installs the traffic lights if I rent them?

      Our highly skilled team installs the lights and adjusts the timing to your site and traffic needs. We also provide adaptive programming which allows the timing to adjust during rush hour for optimised traffic flow.


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