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Toronto Traffic Light Rental

Temporary traffic light rental from Electrix Group enables construction teams in the Greater Toronto Area to safely bring two-way traffic into a single lane during construction or maintenance. Our traffic light rentals are widely used in commercial and condominium parking garages during concrete restoration, waterproofing, and ramp rehabilitation.

In lieu of an amber signal, Countdown Lights are used which greatly increases motorist patience and compliance. Countdown lights indicate the remaining time until the signal changes, which also increases the amount of vehicles that are able to safely proceed through a green signal. Electrix's traffic light rentals come with adaptive programmable control, which allows us to program the system based on traffic flow patterns for different times of the day on your specific site.

Our team will provide a professional Installation of the temporary traffic lights as well as perform the site specific programming as needed. This can include special timing for different times of the day and different days. Once your project is complete, notify us and our team will pickup the traffic lights as soon as possible.

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