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Heating cable repair for underground parking garage ramps
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Heating Cable Repair

Electrix Group specializes in Heating Cable Repair in Toronto, Mississauga, and throughout the GTA. Year round, our team repairs cables in parking garage ramps, stairwells, and walkways.

Our team has been involved in diagnosing electric ramp heating systems, locating faults, and repairing damaged heating cables for over 20 years. Throughout this time we have reached an unparalleled level of understanding of typical cable layout techniques which results in faster, and more effective repairs for our clients.

The Electrix team performs all work associated with heating cable repairs (locating the fault, localized topping removal, cable splicing, and topping reinstatement).

Inspections: Electrix provides diagnostic testing to determine the overall condition of a snow melting system as required for building audits. Based on these results, Electrix Group will then determine whether it is more cost effective to perform localized heat trace cable repairs or to replace the entire system.

Diagnostic Testing

Heating cable Splices

Fault Locating and Removal

Topping Reinstatement

  • Ramps, Stairs, Walkways
  • Contactor Replacement
  • Heating Cable Gland Re-termination


Need A New Snow Melting System?


Frequently Asked

All of our heating cable services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • What are embedded heating cables?

    Heat trace cables are embedded in asphalt, concrete, mastic, or under landscaping stones to raise or maintain the temperature, therefore melting snow and ice in winter conditions. Heat trace cables use an electrical heating element that runs the length of a pipe to prevent the liquid in the pipes from freezing.

  • Why might heating cables need repairs?

    A heat trace cable or the entire cable system may need to be repaired if a cable is cut, crushed or damaged. If the snow melting system is not working properly or pipes are freezing, Electrix Group can run diagnostic testing to help determine if you need to replace the whole system or localized repairs are possible.

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