Parking Garage Restoration

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Parking garage restoration project in Toronto
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Parking Garage Restoration

We provide a wide range of electrical services to the parking garage restoration industry. Our experienced team works with many concrete restoration contractors and engineers, providing efficient service to keep projects on schedule.

The main elements of our garage restoration work is in electrical repairs during through-slab concrete work, lighting and general electrical services, pipe tracing, in-slab conduit repairs, and heating cable installations and repairs. We also upgrade lighting and other systems when a parking structure is being renovated and brought up to modern standards and requirements.

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Conduit Repairs

Temporary Power

Lighting Installation

Ramp/Stair Heating Cables

  • In-slab electrical conduits repairs
  • Surface conduit restoration
  • Garage Lighting, Pole Lighting, & Landscape Lighting
  • Temporary panels for consutruction
  • Ramp and stair heating cables — Installation and repairs



Frequently Asked

  • Why would I need parking garage restoration services?

    By the nature of parking garages being outdoors and often underground, they are likely to be affected by a number of elements that can require restoration:

    Water: When water gets into the concrete, it can erode the structure and affect the electrical systems.

    Chemical exposure: Vehicles bring in a variety of chemicals that can have a negative effect on concrete and steel. This effect is even worse in the winter with the salt and road treatments transferring to the parking garage.

    Wear and tear: Parking garages are heavy traffic areas. With vehicles driving in and out all day, it should come as no surprise that there is some wear and tear to the structure.

  • Why should I spend money on parking garage restoration services?

    Parking garage restoration services are an investment in the longevity of your structure. With ongoing maintenance, you can avoid the much more expensive costs associated with completely replacing parts of your parking garage.

  • What types of electrical restoration could my parking garage need?

    The most common elements of electrical parking garage restoration are:

    - Electrical repairs during through-slab concrete work, lighting and general electrical services

    - Pipe tracing

    - In-slab conduit repairs

    - Heating cable installations and repairs

    - Electrical system upgrades

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