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Pipe Tracing & Pipe Heating Cable Systems

Electrix Group specializes in the design and installation of pipe tracing cables in the Greater Toronto Area. Electrical pipe heating cables are necessary to prevent liquid-filled pipes from getting damaged during winter temperatures.

In the high rise commercial and residential sector, pipe tracing systems are found on sprinkler drip drums, fire hose cabinets, and drain lines. In an industrial environment, these cables are found on process lines, cylinders, and storage hoppers.

We install new pipe tracing systems (either self-regulating or mineral insulated cables), provide preventative maintenance, and also perform repairs when necessary. We integrate the latest temperature sensing technologies and ground fault protection systems to ensure a safe and efficient system.

System Design

Complete Installation

Pipe Tracing Cable Repair

Temperature Sensors

  • Sprinkler Drip Drums
  • Drain Lines
  • Industrial Process Pipes
  • Water Lines

Frequently Asked

  • What’s the purpose of installing a pipe heating cable system?

    Pipe tracing is used to make sure that any pipes that are filled with fluids are kept at a temperature that doesn’t allow the fluid to freeze. This is especially important in outdoor pipes or pipes in underground garages.

  • What are temperature sensors and why do you need them?

    Temperature sensors are used to monitor the temperature of your pipe tracing system. This ensures that your pipe tracing system is maintaining the correct temperature to prevent your pipes from freezing.


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